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The Jerusalem embassy in Tel-Aviv

Itamar Banai

The reason I live in Jerusalem

Is because Jerusalem is a liminal city

Home of liminal people

A place that merely being in it, is to be crossing a border


And I,

All I do

As a human and as an artist

Is to look for borders

and to cross them

Again and again

Until I am reminded, again

That there are no borders

That it's all one place

That I am actually crossing myself


I got a balcony in the house

And decided to open in it an embassy

"The Jerusalem embassy in Tel-Aviv"

I have black coffee

Louisa tea



Dark chocolate

Cold water

And a fan

And I would like to invite you all for a coffee

And to talk of borders and how to cross them

Location: Liebling Haus, apartment n. 6, in the balcony

Saturday 4.4   Tuesday 13.5


Spaces that matter, a Future that’s better

Silke Feldhoff

Meeting in a town square and talking to strangers about places they love and their future imaginaries.

We will gather in Bialik Square for quick conversations with new people, share questions of place and our connection to the city, and discuss the future.

Location: Bialik Square

regestration - free entrance

Upon reservation

Me, an audience

Yasmin Steinmetz

I'm an artist who's used to invite an audience to come see my works. I see that now I must do the opposite.

I, an active audience, invite to my space at the residency in Liebling Haus, makers and artists who are looking an audience to perform to. A live performance, not adapted to video or digital space. Together we could test the format of a one-woman-audience, and to revive a part of what we need and needed for in art.

To schedule a time, please write me to yasmine1606@gmail.com

Location: Liebling Haus, Apartment n. 6


 Saturday 2.5



The Elephant and The Chair

Avi Golan, Yaacov Kaufman

Avi Golan and Yaacov Kaufman will introduce their work and practices.

Location: Liebling Haus, Idelson 29 


 Sunday 3.5


The Sun Performing Curious Acts

Ana Wild

At a specific time on a specific day, the sun is harnessed to produce a striking image. Performative installation, subject to earth’s movement around the sun.

Location:  Liebling Haus, Idelson 29



One Push

Maayan Mozes

A work about power: how much agency do I have in the world? Can I move mountains myself, like Dr. Seuss promises? One kid’s attempt to relocate a school.

Location:  Liebling Haus, Idelson 29

free entrance

Monday 4.5


The Hallway

Tal Alperstein

A short film featuring the tenants’ daily routine through their actions in the confined shared space of an apartment hallway. Shot and edited in the conference apartment in the days preceding its screening.

Location: Liebling Haus, Idelson 29


Tuesday 5.5  


The School of the City: Meeting Pedagogues

Eran Eizenhamer

A hands-on introduction to the School of the City and its activities in the municipal school system in the upcoming school year. We will present the Living in the City program, visit schools, and experience crafts, architecture, and design workshops. The program, co-developed with the Education Administration of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, has been operating in schools for the past three years. The curriculum develops aesthetic contemplation of our daily lives and actively explores our relationship with space - from the home to the city - through experiential learning practices based on architecture, design, crafts, and art. The program invites participants to look at their living space, understand how we all experience it, how it affects us, and how we act in it. The program is designed for first to fifth grades.

Location: Liebing Haus, Idelson 29

regestration - free entrance

Saturday 9.5


The Building is the Medium: Performing Architecture

Tal Alperstein, Eran Eizenhamer, Kineret Haya Max, Maayan Mozes, Ana Wild, Rotem Volk, Alisa Olva, Yasmin Steimniz, Daniel Shapira, Yael Sadi, Eiv Kristal, Omri Livne

Premiere of performance works in the building – some by graduates of the first class of the Frame program. The works examine the place of performance as a tool for exploring and reading the architectural space.

The next series will be featured at the Liebling Haus starting September 2020, as part of an exhibition dedicated to public space.

Location: Liebling Haus, Idelson 29



Frame study Program for Graduates of Art and Design Studies

Eran Eizenhamer and Ana Wild

Frame is an ongoing multidisciplinary exploration based on exercises and discourse; an education program for graduates of art and design studies interested in further learning, development, and dialogue within a structured framework, as they continue to develop their work.


Another class will open soon. Please leave your details, and we will invite you to an introductory meeting.


We are asking what framework do artists need to develop their work? Is it possible to take a continuous, multidisciplinary, communicative approach to artistic research instead of a project-based one? Framework strives to offer a space where artists and designers could operate, create, and acquire the necessary tools.


The program draws inspiration from the Bauhaus School and its multidisciplinary practices, which recognized artists’ need for skills and capabilities beyond their preferred medium.


Frame operates in an augmented studio, spread across an apartment, a building, a city, allowing us to examine action, time, body, and gaze in relation to space. Meanwhile, redefining the “roles” of participants, students, instructors, and the cooperative studio.

Location: Liebling Haus, Idelson 29

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