Residents at apartment no. 6

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Mai ​Aylon

Artist, designer and hairdresser. Graduate of the School of Visual Theatre. Lives and works in Tel-aviv.

During the coming month of August, I will continue developing a project focusing on urban nature, plants that surround us in the city, with particular attention to the Agave plant.

The project will integrate strolling in public gardens scattered around Tel-aviv, guerrilla gardening at public gardens and parks, conversing with landscape architects, historians, municipality personnel and gardeners – along with consuming and assimilating data from relevant books.


Yasmin Steinmetz

Interdisciplinary artist and designer. Graduate of the School of Visual Theatre 2013-2017. Creating installations, performances, costumes and sets.

In my work, I echo images of biologic nature and of the urban landscape; Utilizing those images as synonyms of emotional states, both personal and universal. 

In my practice I try to be attuned to hints, to weave the threads between what's on the surface and what's brewing underneath it. Between the conscious and the subconscious, between the mundane, the daily and the temporal – and timeless archetypes which are inextricable parts of human culture.



During my residency at Liebling Haus, I intend to investigate an action both simple and complicated: hand-stand. To understand how can the body align straight-down as it does straight-up. To ask when should the spirit keep its core in balance, and when it would rather break.

I want to explore notions of stability and breaking, through the body. To find ways to utilize fury and cracking, without reaching devastation. How can explosive energy, centring and concentration – work together in effective, wise defiance.


 David Lockard

I am a designer interested in how we learn. I have a background in journalism and art, and I studied and worked as a researcher at NYU’s ITP (Interactive Telecommunication Program). I recently presented projects on technology and pedagogy at Bezalel’s Center for the Research of Instruction and the Bauhaus Institute at Dessau. I work at Ipcha Center for Educational Innovation in Jerusalem, and am a member of Barbur Gallery.

Recently I have been exploring what may be uncovered about relationships to our surroundings via engagement with mapping practices and questions of forgetfulness. At Liebling Haus I will try to communicate a systematization of this exploration.


 Itamar Banai


A multidisciplinary artist. Living and working

In Jerusalem. 

A multidisciplinary man. Living and working. 


What I do

As a man and as an artist

Is to find Borders

And cross them

Again and again 

Until I remember, again

That their are no borders 

That it’s all one place

That I’m actually crossing myself

With the space I’m given 

I’ll create an embassy 

“The Jerusalem embassy in Tel Aviv”


The reason I decided to become an ambassadors, is because I like borders. 

The reason I like borders, is because borders create interactions. 

And the reason I’m interested in interactions, is because interactions create change. 

And every change is one step forward. 

An evolution 


That’s what I’m here for. To evolve.


Naama Bar-Or

Artist and curator, graduate of Bezalel Art and Design Academy (BA) and the Interdisciplinary in the Arts Program, Tel Aviv University (MA). Working as an assistant curator at the Print and Drawing Department, Tel-aviv Museum of Art.


Last April, while seated on the blue Ikea folding chair I received as part of the first round of the "Nevertheless and Despite Everything" conference, I came across an interesting article.

The article describes Hito Steyerl's lecture performance MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: BELANCIEGE, from 2019 in which she connects the haute couture fashion brand Balenciaga, Instagram, politics and class differences in the digital age. During the residency period I will translate the article to Hebrew and try to connect Hito's artwork to the blue Ikea chair,  while emphasizing this connection as a tool for creating new knowledge.


 Shai Persil

Born 1983. Interdisciplinary artist working in puppetry, movement and performance. In her work, Persil creates connections between the body and materials. Graduate of The School of Visual Theatre, Greenhouse study program at The Train Theatre, Focusing Oriented Therapy studies at Shiluv Center. In addition, Persil holds a BA in education.

Among her noted creations: “Kan-garim” (2020) – Dance and Object theatre piece produced at Clipa Theatre; “The Hungry Sandwich” (2018) – Puppetry piece produced at The Train Theatre, “Double Bed” (2011) – Interactive performance, first shown at “Hamehaye” project as part of the Jerusalem Season of Culture.

Spacing – Anatomical autonomy

“We shape clay into a pot,

but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want.

We hammer wood for a house,

but is the inner space that makes it livable.

We work with being, but non-being is what we use.”



Mai Omer

Mai Omer is a multimedia artist and curator working in London and Tel-Aviv. Their work interrogates territory and history as controversial domains. To investigate these themes, Omer conducts visual research using different media such as videos, photography, drawing, and sculpture. 


From 2010 – 2017 Omer worked as a curator at The Israeli Centre for Digital Art, where they co-founded the Ulam project (2014–ongoing). Omer received an MA in Visual Sociology from Goldsmiths university of London (2018), and studied Fine Arts at HaMidrasha Faculty of the Arts, Israel (2009).


Their recent works have been exhibited at Flat Time House Gallery (UK 2020), the Barbican Centre (2019) Binyamin Gallery (2019), Raven Row Gallery (UK, 2018), , Sadnaot HaOmanim (Israel, 2018), Construction Festival (Ukraine, 2017), and Alfred Gallery (Israel, 2016). 



A few years ago, I rediscovered an old 8mm film of my grandfather – landscape architect and poet Hillel Omer. The canister still has a small piece of masking tape with his handwriting, labeling the film ‘Jaffa I – the old city‘. After watching it for the first time, I realised I have found a historical document which shows more than north and central Jaffa; it exposes its filmmaker’s colonial gaze. The film mainly features the Manshiya neighbourhood. It was demolished during the 1960’s and on top of its ruins a park was planted. The park – Charles Chore – was designed by my late grandfather. 


During my residency I intend to further examine my grandfather’s film by creating three different edits. Each will highlight one point of view out of the three POV’s I identify in the original footage: the point of view of the artist, the architect, and the coloniser. I will then send these edits to academics, architects and artists and invite them to 



 Omri Livne


Born 1988 in Jerusalem. Lives mostly in Berlin.

2008-2011 Studies in Betzalel Academy

2011-2015 MFA (Cum Laude) from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.


Separating myself from scenes, though seeking belonging. I like creating unsaleable objects, yet I long for recognition as a Berlin-based international artist. My hobbies are tenis, biking, wall-climbing and money-making. I enjoy epic narratives and absurdity. In my work, I am interested in topics such as: money, consumerism, capitalism (being subjected to it as well as criticizing it), religion and spiritual enlightenments. Humor and jokes-gone-too-far are one of the red threads of my work. I like working slowly and produce long term researches.



“Near my desk” is a new iteration of an old project.

I chose to bring this project back to life because I hope that through it I will be able to build a community. 

As a forever-solo-artist, living abroad, separating myself from any kind of scene – I feel like I did not build myself any community or society in which I feel belonging.

All the more so in Tel-Aviv, a city in which I never lived, a city made of a small and inaccessible scene. 

“Do not say: a day will come. Bring the day!” I decided to bring the day where I feel like I belong, and to try and force a community into my studio time.


Alisa Oleva

Born 1989 in Moscow. Based in London. Alisa Oleva holds an MA in Performance from Goldsmiths. 

She treats the city as her studio and urban life as material, to consider issues of urban choreography and urban archaeology, traces and surfaces, borders and inventories, intervals and silences, passages and cracks. Her projects have manifested as a series of interactive situations, performances, movement scores, personal and intimate encounters, parkour, walkshops, and audio walks. 

She has made work site-specifically in various cities: London, Manchester, Leeds, Berlin, Belgrade, Pori, Minsk, Kyiv, Dnipro, Moscow, Norilsk.



How to lead a workshop without being present? How can I take you somewhere if I am not walking next to you? If I lead, will you follow? What is the difference between leading and guiding? This time I will not come to Tel Aviv, I will try to research what can still happen if I am not there. And who knows, I might be able to lead a workshop for you while staying here in London.