About the conference 

The First Conference of the School of the City

The city as a spontaneous, multi-sensory space of exploration and action

The first Conference of the School of the City is dedicated to conceiving the city as a learning space, and the urban living experience as an ongoing adventure. The movement between exploration and action; between life in the city, and its inherent learning potential, shaped the conference.


The conference allows us to provide universal methods to articulate our unmediated sensory experience of space, and translate it into everyday awareness and actions powered by architecture, design, and art. The conference features 34 events that take place in Apartment 6 at the Liebling Haus, and throughout the city: research, meetings, adventures, design and art exhibitions, and performance works, designed for adults and children.


We see the city as a continuous learning space that embodies a movement between research and action: a learning movement. The conference is an attempt to capture this motion as a platform for professional and public discussion. The city facilitates learning through experience, by looking, talking, and imagining - fleeting moments of discovery and knowledge formation. The learning movement is an opportunity to develop contemporary approaches to pedagogy, research, and methodologies, rooted in the notion that learning occurs not only in a traditional framework: enclosed in a classroom and deriving from the teacher’s authority within the hierarchical structure of knowledge.


We invite participants - residents, creatives, pedagogues, curators, artists, architects, designers, both adults and kids - to engage with people, ideas, topics, and methods. Learn and operate in the physical, conceptual, and imagined urban spaces throughout time. Explore and act in the School of the City.

School of the city 

The School of the City at the Liebling Haus is where we think and develop concepts and practices regarding the city's potential as a learning space. The urban environment is where we learn from each other, sharing knowledge, ideas, thoughts, skills, and experience. The city is not a place we take for granted, but an accessible platform for public discussion, prompting citizens to interpret their surroundings from an aesthetic point of view through experience and action.


The school suggests art, performance, design, and architecture are practices of observation and exploration of our living space and formulates pedagogy derived from them. That is how we study teaching approaches that are inseparable from the discussion about the city and offer a language of contemplation and meaning-making.


The School of the City develops and runs education programs in cooperation with the Education Administration of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality. The programs focus on the city and urban life through art, crafts, design, and architecture. Written and taught by our team of educators, artists, designers, and architects, the program has been active in schools throughout the city (eastern and southern neighborhoods, city center, Jaffa, and Ramat Aviv) since 2017.

Curated by Eran Eizenhamer, Maayan Mozes and Ana Wild

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